Painting of Campbell's Landing

Painting of Marina site 1943

Peter B. Campbell, the founder of Campbell's Landing Marina, was born here in 1903. He grew up and worked around Muskoka Lake with boats—driving, repairing and building. He purchased the property where the marina is now from his mother in 1932. A building business was operated by him and over the years, summer cottagers began to ask him to provide car parking, docks, boat taxi and as outboard motors became popular, repair services. The marina really started as a sales and service center in 1958 and has continued to grow to it's present state. He continued to influence the operations until his passing in 1993. His family continues to operate a lively business and provide services our customers rely on year after year. Come and see why our customers love Muskoka year round.

We stand behind the BRP products we sell and the service provided by our technicians. Our sales and service experience, along with our enthusiasm for powersports make us the right choice for all things Bombardier.

Campbell's Landing in 1965

Campbell's Landing in 1965 - Post Card

Campbell's Landing Today

Campbell's Landing - Today